Should I Repair or Replace My Old Fence?

Should I Repair or Replace My Old Fence?

A fence is important for a home’s ‘curb appeal’. If you are planning on putting your home on the market or perhaps just hosting a holiday party, a run-down fence can ruin the impression of an otherwise impressive home. Also, some neighborhood homeowner’s associations require fences to be properly repaired and maintained, in order to prevent the whole neighborhood from looking bad.

If specific panels that are disintegrating can be removed, then replace those individual panels. However, if a larger area needs repair, you’ll be better off replacing the whole section or segment. If the entire fence has been neglected for some time and the damage is extensive, or your fence is falling apart as a whole and will not hold up much longer, it is most likely time for a new fence.

Something Important to Consider

fenceIf replacing a wood fence, consider wood alternatives. No need to routinely repair and maintain these fences, they don’t incur the added costs of repainting and resealing. These wood alternatives to consider ware vinyl or composite fencing. These materials look like wood, are extremely durable, and do not require painting. Though their initial cost is higher than wood, over time they will pay off because of their extremely long life. Also, they save on painting, and the time, energy and worry of needing to maintain them. They will not chip, break or rot, and will look clean and new for years to come.

If replacing a small number of panels or, alternately, having a completely new fence installed, contact a professional in the Bay County, Panama City/PCB area who can provide quality workmanship.

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