Choosing the Right Fence for Your Northern Florida Home or Business

Here in beautiful northern Florida, there are many weather concerns such as flooding, hurricanes, winds and rain. Also there are wildlife concerns such as bears, raccoons, snakes and other pests. We want to keep out the pests, while keeping our pets safe and protected. We want a fence that is economical as possible while having sturdy enough construction to withstand the weather and animals. All of these issues can influence what kind of fence we choose to install at our home or business.

Firstly, consider the practical reasons for your fence. Is it to keep a dog or cat inside the yard, or is it for privacy, to protect a pool, or mainly just for decoration and to increase property value? All of these are valid reasons for wanting a fence. Whatever the purpose, you also need to identify what kind of fence will be most appealing and compliment the aesthetic of your home or business.

What kind of fencing material should you choose? Well if the sole purpose is to keep in pets, perhaps a chain link fence is enough. Many people want to also have the privacy and decorative qualities of a high wooden fence. Wooden fences made of quality materials, and properly installed by a fence contractor, such as Shoreline Fence Company, can last a long time and be very beautiful. However, it’s important to keep in mind that even the highest quality wood fences may warp and rot over time and some require occasional painting, staining or sealing. Some fences that offer the best of all worlds – beauty, function and low maintenance are: vinyl, or even aluminum, bamboo, steel, or wrought iron gates and fences. These options will not bend or rot over time.

fenceWe at Shoreline Fence Company are here to help you design and install the perfect, customized fence solution for your home or business. We will work with existing or newly installed landscaping that our Panama City and beach and Saint Andrew bay residents enjoy, preserving and enhancing the beauty of our northern Florida community through professional installation of quality fencing.

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e has been providing guaranteed service through quality products, professional installation and repair. As one of the area’s most experienced fence professionals, Shoreline Fence Company is well-established in Panama City, Bay County and the surrounding counties. We provide services to homeowners as well as contractors. We can confidently design, build or repair a custom fence to meet your highest expectations.
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